Friday, 18 June 2010

The Yellow House Garden

As you may have seen in her last post, Dori is having a great time back in Georgia and has taken some wonderful photos of her surrounds. I love how green it is around there and I know that Dori has been enjoying some lovely walks along the local nature trail there.

Since Dori has been gone we have finally had some decent weather here, the first in a long while. It was so nice yesterday that I had to get out into the garden to enjoy it – these opportunities are far too rare! I thought that I would take a few pictures of my own to share with you all, showing some of the flowers and bushes here at the Yellow House.

I’m am far from being an expert in the identification of plants, so forgive me for not doing so here, The only ones that I do know in our garden are the roses, and we have a surprising variety of colours given that our garden is tiny. The first I will share with you is this lovely deep pink rose.

We also have a few lighter pink, and almost white, roses in the Yellow House garden.

And, of course, we couldn’t live in a Yellow House without some yellow roses to go with it!

I love the deep yellow colour of this rose, and the reddish tinges to it. We did have some lighter yellow roses, but those that have already bloomed have started to turn already, so I will have to wait to see if any more bloom to get some photos of them :-)

Other than the roses we also have other plants and bushes in the garden which will, by me at least, remain nameless! Here are a few...

If nothing else, these pictures prove that we do sometimes get nice, cloudless weather here in Wiltshire!! Let's hope there is plenty more to come.

Have a great weekend everyone!


idon said...

nice flowers... i have lots desert rose in my house :D

RE - Entrepod said...

oooo beautiful roses. that white flower looks like it's from the orange flower bush. I have one of those in my front yard. smells heavenly. it looks like lots of love is fertilizing the yellow house garden. lovely indeed mate.

Brit Boy said...

Idon and RE-Entrepod

I am glad that you both liked the pictures of some of the flowers in the Yellow House garden. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

ElizOF said...

Hi BritBoy,
Now why didn't it occur to me to stop by and say hello? You have a really lovely blog here... just like Dori has a lovely blog too! Where is the wifey Dori and when is she coming/going home? I haven't seen a blog from her of late though twittering is still ongoing. LOL! Hugs and cheers to both of you and tell her to blog again soon.
Ta love,

Brit Boy said...

Thanks for dropping by. As you will see from my post today, Dori is now back in the Yellow House. I am sure she will be blogging about her travels very soon. :-)

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