Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bon Voyage

We had an early start to the day yesterday. Dori was going on her trip back home to Georgia, and so we had to get up at the break of dawn to make our journey up to Heathrow.

The last time we made this trip was back in November, and it was dark and pouring down with rain. Thankfully this time, the change in seasons meant that it was already light by 4:30 when we woke, and the rain stayed away for most of the day. We drove up to London on the M4 motorway, and made very good time in reaching the airport. We like to leave extra early to ensure that any delays don’t prevent us getting to Check-In in plenty of time, and also to avoid the worst of the traffic.

So, we arrived in plenty of time at Heathrow and went to have breakfast at one of the cafes there. It was a French restaurant, but we both had a traditional English breakfast – sausage, bacon, eggs, mushroom and toast (although fried bread would have been more traditional). It was very good, and very filling :-) We then had some time to kill before Dori had to go through security and hence to her boarding gate. We are both quite used to killing time at airports now, and so we went and found somewhere to sit and I read a book as Dori checked through her bags to make sure she hadn’t forgot anything. I took this picture as we sat there as I thought the roof looked interesting.

I would have taken more photos, but I didn’t want to look like I was casing the joint!!

It soon came to the time when Dori had to make her way to the boarding gate. We have had plenty of emotional goodbyes in the past, as we have had to go our separate ways for months on end. So, this small separation of 3 weeks is child’s play for us :-) We said our goodbyes, and then Dori went off through the security area. I waved her off and then made my way back to the car, and onwards back to Wiltshire.

The journey back was almost as easy as the one up to Heathrow, with no major problems traffic-wise. In fact, the journey went so quickly that I was back at the Yellow House before Dori’s plane had even lifted off of the tarmac!

I have just spoken to Dori on the phone, and she had a good trip over. The journey time was almost an hour less than scheduled, which is always a nice surprise, and she tells me that she sat next to a very nice French lady on the way over. She is now looking forward to spending some relaxing time back in her hometown.

I will miss Dori whilst she is gone, but will be consoling myself with lots of World Cup football, Wimbledon tennis and having the whole bed to myself! Now, I just have to try to find out where it is that we keep the kitchen....


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

We'll be keeping our eyes on you while Dori's away, lol! Enjoy The World Cup:)

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

nice to hear that she had a safe trip over. Ahhhhhh now about that world cup ? so is england going to get trounced this year ? and how about that Mexico !!!

Jacqueline said...

Enjoyed reading the update. You're both GREAT writers. :-) I'm glad Dori had a wonderful ride home.

Dori said...

Hello's me. Just wanted to say...USA...USA ;-) This World Cup stuff is fun...LOL. Love you :)

Brit Boy said...

I will certainly enjoy the World Cup. Thanks for visiting.

Yes, Dori had a good journey by all accounts. England getting trounced?? As if! And Mexico ....not sure. No team in their group played well in the opening game, so it looks like anybody's group.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the compliment but I am well aware who is the real talented writer in the Yellow House :-)

Ahem. Thanks for visiting. I am so glad that you enjoyed that first match. It did show that England are now so good that we are having to throw the ball into our own net just to give the opposition a chance. Trevor says "Hi!". Love you too xx

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