Monday, 27 April 2009

The Fall Will Probably Kill You

We had a quiet weekend at the Yellow House this week. I have got this week off work, so we didn’t need to rush around so much at the weekend to get things done that we don’t normally have time for during the week. We pottered about the house for most all of the weekend, and worked on our plans for the next few months. Dori and I are working on a long term project together, so we spent quite a bit of time discussing that. I can’t give out any details about that at the moment but when “Project X” is ready for public consumption, you will be the first to know :-)

Saturday night is fast becoming DVD night in the Yellow House. After watching the bizarre ‘1408’ last week, we watched one of my all-time favourite films this weekend – ‘Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid’. Starring Robert Redford and the dearly missed Paul Newman, it is a wonderful movie filled with charm and humour. It is superbly written and many of the exchanges between the two main protagonists are a joy. Probably the most famous exchange is when the two men are cornered on a small rocky ledge overhanging a fast-flowing river. Sundance refuses to jump into the river to escape the chasing posse because he can’t swim, to which Butch replies, laughing, “Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you!” I love that. We also watched a very interesting “Making Of...” documentary on the DVD, in which the director, talking before the film’s release, said how much he hoped the film wouldn’t be hated by the public. If only he knew! It just goes to show that we may all doubt our own abilities, but we just have to plough on and trust that what we do will be well received.

Today the weather has taken a severe turn for the worse, for which I must take full responsibility! It has long been a pattern that whenever I take any leave from work, so the weather heads downhill rapidly :-) It has rained almost constantly today, and the forecast for the rest of this week isn’t too encouraging. We used up today to do our must-do chores in town, and are hoping that we will still be able to get at least a couple of days out during the rest of the week. Fingers crossed.

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