Tuesday, 14 April 2009

And So It Starts....

Hi, and welcome to my new blog!

Some of you may know of me through reading the wonderful scribblings of my wife, Dori, at From A Yellow House in England. I have invaded her blog on a couple of occasions but have now decided to branch out on my own. :-) I would like to thank Dori for all the help that she has given to get me this far - and for all the help that I will no doubt require in the coming weeks as I build up "Getting Busy Living" .

So, where to start? Well, there's no better place than explaining the title of the blog. I am sure that many of you will know the origins of Getting Busy Living, but for those that don't, let me explain. It comes from a line in my favourite film – The Shawshank Redemption. Towards the end of the film the two main characters are having a conversation about their situation and the concept of hope in such a terrible place – a corruptly-run Maine prison. Andy, played by Tim Robbins, tells his friend Red (Morgan Freeman) that you have to “get busy living, or get busy dying”. To me, this sums up the whole message of the film (and previously the book), ie that you may suffer extreme hardships or injustices but you have to maintain your hope and look forward and work towards a better day. The alternative would result in those who are against you winning the day and life would become a downhill slope. These are words to live by, and by which Dori and I strive to improve our lot. We all only get one shot at life, and we must surely make the absolute most of it.

I should explain that my name is Brit Boy. To be fair and honest, that wasn't the name given to me at birth but was conferred on me by Dori, who hails from Georgia in the US. We love to explore and have fun with our differences, although we are much more alike than we are different. I am a sports fan, and a West Wing nut and Dori and I are avid concert-goers. We have seen Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Simply Red and Tina Turner in the last few months and are always on the lookout for the next good show.

This blog is likely to be very varied in content as I will blog on anything and everything that may cross my mind. Expect the unexpected, and follow our travels and travails. I hope that you will enjoy the ride!


Aispinay said...

welcome to blogging world :)

Brit Boy said...


Thank you so much for the welcome! And congratulations on being my first commenter - I only wish I could say there was a prize for it.... :-)

Maureen said...

Hello Brit Boy! You've made an excellent start with your new blog with this interesting first post/introduction. I faithfully read Dori's blog already and will be reading your blog regularly now too.

Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a friendly comment. I appreciate it.

Brit Boy said...

Thank you for visiting my new blog, and for your very kind words. I hope to be developing this site as the weeks and months go by.
I loved reading your blog too and will be returning regularly.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Britboy,

Nice post. I have to see the movie now. I can remember a scene from a movie I once saw with Freeman in jail, but I can't remember the title or anything in particular.

I'm Deana. I'm a virtual friend of Dori from Woman Internet Marketing,ning site. (Not existing anymore. And of course we met on twitter.

I'll come back to read more on your blog.

Lots of success blogging.

Brit Boy said...

Thank you for visiting my new blog, and for the kind words and the good wishes. I truly appreciate them.
I hope that you do get to see The Shawshank Redemption at some point. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. :-)

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