Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday Snaps 9 - London...from the Thames

It's been a while since my last Sunday Snaps post, so here is the latest in the series.

These photos were all taken 5 years ago during a trip up to London on a VERY cold Sunday in January. We took one of the river boats that travel along the Thames, getting on at Westminster and off at Greenwich.

This first snap is of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge.

Just opposite Parliament is the London Eye. You can take what they term "flights" in the pods of this massive ferris wheel and get some great views of London. The flights take about half an hour to do a full circle and are well worth trying if you get the chance.

Perhaps the most famous bridge in the country is Tower Bridge, which is named after the nearby Tower of London. It was a little surreal to be sailing underneath this famous landmark.

The last picture for today is of the rebuilt Globe Theatre, the original of which saw many of Shakespeare's original play performances. It is a wonderful project that has constructed a faithful reproduction of the original theatre.

Viewing London from the river is a very interesting way of seeing the city and some of its most notable landmarks, but I would highly recommend not doing so on the coldest day of the year!! :-)  We do have some more pics from this trip so I may share those in another Sunday Snaps someday soon. Stay tuned!


RE Ausetkmt said...

very nice pics. I hate the eye. I'm afraid of heights. I still cannot imagine why I got on. by the time I got off, I was overcome with anxiety. never again. did you do the tower tour to see the jewels ? oooooooo, nice.

Brit Boy said...

RE Ausetkmt
I am sorry that your experience of the London Eye wasn't so good! You do go a long way up, that's for sure. And yes, we have done the Tower of London tour and saw the Crown Jewels and more gold than I knew existed!! LOL
Thanks for visiting.

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