Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday Snaps 7 - Royal Kensington

This is another in my occasional Sunday Snaps series. Today I am staying closer to home and sharing some of the pictures we have taken during our many trips up to London.

The first is of Kensington Palace, which lies within the boundary of Kensington Gardens, which itself borders onto Hyde Park. The palace is a working palace to this day, currently the official residence of several minor royals. It is perhaps most famous today for being the former home of Diana, Princess of Wales following her separation from Prince Charles.

Lying just outside of Kensington Gardens is the Royal Albert Hall. It was built in 1871 and named, at the behest of Queen Victoria, after her beloved husband Prince Albert, who had died 10 years previously. It is a wonderful building and hosts many concerts, including the BBC Proms, as well as some sporting events. Dori and I are hoping to get the chance to attend a concert there sometime in the future.

Just across the road from the Albert Hall, back within Kensington Gardens, is the Albert Memorial. Completed a year after the Royal Albert Hall was opened, it is the official memorial for Prince Albert. The statue of Prince Albert at the centre of the memorial faces south towards the Royal Albert Hall, and is surrounded by a number of other sculptures that represent Agriculture, Commerce, Engineering, Manufactures, Asia, Africa, America and Europe. It is a wonderful memorial, and is certainly much more fitting than the abomination that is the Diana memorial which lies just a few hundred yards away!


jacqueline said...

I'm always in awe of the magnificent architecture there. For some reason, I often think about the guys who were responsible for the blueprints and the workers who made it happen. Thanks for the post and pics. I'm quite certain you and Dori will get a chance to go to Royal Albert Hall and enjoy a great concert!!

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

Why do you suppose they put up that concrete water slide to commemorate such a wonderful woman ? royal albert has wonderful concerts. I've been there once, wayyy back in the 80's when I first came to london. it's quite beautiful. it looks to me alot like an italian opera house; with it's fine guilded fresco work and grand chandeliers.

Brit Boy said...

Some of the buildings are wonderful, and a testament to those who designed and built them. I hope that we do get to visit the Albert Hall someday soon.

I had to laugh when I read your description of the Diana memorial as a concrete water slide - but that is exactly what it is. It is horrendous. Dori and I are hoping to follow in your footsteps and see a concert in the RAH soon.

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