Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Snaps - 3

Here are 3 more pictures, taken during our travels.

These were all taken during a vacation we took a few years ago in Cornwall. I enjoyed many family holidays in Cornwall during my childhood, but it was Dori's first visit to the area.

This first snap is of the place where we stayed for the week. It was one of three self-catering cottages located at the end of a very bumpy, rural track situated between St Agnes and Perranporth. It is a lovely, secluded and very peaceful location far away from the madding crowd.

The other two pics were taken at Land's End - the most south-westerly point of England. The first photo shows one of the many ships that have ended up being grounded on the rugged, rocky coastline around the area.

The final shot shows, in the distance, the "First and Last House" in England, located on the last few yards of the mainland between England and the United States.

Cornwall is a very beautiful county with a wonderful coastline. I love it. :-)


Ivanhoe said...

So beautiful. I love the coastline :o)

Brit Boy said...

Cornwall is indeed a very beautiful place :-)

Mountain Woman said...

I haven't been to Cornwall since I was young (many years ago) but I always remember it as a beautiful place and your pictures reminded me again.
I love the cottage. It's sweet.

Brit Boy said...

Mountain Woman
Yes the little cottage was very sweet and was an oasis of calm miles from anywhere. I'm glad my pics brought back some happy memories.

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