Saturday, 23 May 2009

On The Run

So, what would you do?

In New Zealand this week a couple who had requested a $10,000 overdraft were mistakenly credited with $10million by their bank instead. Finding that this error had been made, the couple then apparently withdrew a large amount of this in cash and promptly did a runner! Interpol are now chasing them and believe that they have left New Zealand.

So, I repeat – what would YOU do? Would you do like these two and keep quiet and go on a huge spending spree, leaving behind the life you knew and hoping never to get caught? Or would you be honest and tell the bank straight away about their mistake? Or, would you take the middle path and keep quiet and just wait and see if the bank notice, maybe hoping that you might still get to go on that big spending spree?!

I must admit that I am way too much of a coward to go on the run like the couple from New Zealand. I would be forever looking over my shoulder, sure that somebody was about to recognize me and report me to the police! I would be tempted to just wait and see what happens, but again I would be too worried that I would get some grief from the authorities – even though it was the bank’s mistake :-/ So, I guess I would tell the bank that they had messed up – and hope they gave me a nice reward for being honest!! But, would you?


A Valdese Blogger said...

I'd give it back. I figure they're going to notice, & I don't want to go to jail. I'm simply not resourceful enough (nor do I have the desire) to do what I'd have to do to get away with it. Change my identity, never again have any contact with anybody I know and so on.

Brit Boy said...

A Valdese Blogger
I totally agree. I couldn't possibly turn my back on my whole life, and spend the rest of my time always wondering if I would get caught!

Ivanhoe said...

I'm not surprised it happened in nowadays trying times...but I could never do that. I would not eat or sleep looking constantly over my shoulder. My conscience would kill me ;o)

Brit Boy said...

It seems we are all of one mind. There is more to life than money, though I wouldn't mind a little more of it!! BTW apparently the NZ couple still haven't been caught and are thought to be somewhere in Asia

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